The 5-Euro-Business-competition is over. Therefore the business activities of the BottleBag GbR have been paused. The webpage stays online for information and demonstration purposes.

We are confident to get back to full services within shortest time.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the company or interest in the product, please contact us by email to

Here you find further examples and pictures of the usage of the BottleBag.



Fixation in detail
Befestigung kleiner Karabiner   Befestigung an Trageschlaufe
The small carabiner can be attached to a zipper.   The top belt can be attached to the handle of your bag.
On the bottom of the page you can find the model descriptions.


On a suitcase
Befestigung am Koffer   Die Befestigung im Detail
The BottleBag is fixated on the suitcase with both belts, the lower belt is passed around the suitcase.   The upper belt is attached to the handle.


Backpack and shoulder bag
Befestigung am Rucksack   Befestigung an einer Umhängetasche
The upper belt is attached to the handle of the backpack. The carabiners are fixated at suitable places on the side of the backpack.   The fixation at shoulder bags is similar to the one on laptop bags. However, the upper belt is preferably lead trough a loop of your bag as shown in the picture.


model overview

model belt+carabiner

model two belts

model two belts+carabiner