The 5-Euro-Business-competition is over. Therefore the business activities of the BottleBag GbR have been paused. The webpage stays online for information and demonstration purposes.

We are confident to get back to full services within shortest time.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the company or interest in the product, please contact us by email to

Welcome to the webpage of BottleBag!

We are a small company founded in the framework of the project 5-Euro-Business.

You laptop bag is much too full? You are dieing of thirst because there was no more room for a water bottle?
Or your bottle leaked and your documents - or even worse your electronics - have been damaged?

You are a parent and the leaking bottle of your schoolchild damaged books and notebooks?

We have the solution!

The BottleBag seperates the valuable electronics and the dangerous liquids. It can be attached easily with carabiners and belts on your bag so your water bottle is stored safely and space-saving.

The advantages of the BottleBag at a glance:

We offer two different models which differ in the type of attachment to your bag:

model two belts
model belt+carabiner